hip flast photThe flasks come in various shapes of cylindrical, cushion shaped, round and even heart shaped. You can get a simple logo, graphics, patterns, a picture or a text message engraved on your flask. Select a suitable font style that goes well with your text. Though a good amount of text can usually be engraved, it is better to keep the text simple and short for better resolution.

A large number of engraved characters will result in smaller text size, which can make them a little difficult to read. Always make sure that the engraving looks neat and the spacing between the characters is appropriate. The type, shape and style would decide the price of your hip flask. A standard size of 6 oz can hold your favourite tipple and can also easily fit into your pocket, but you can make a choice from a small 2 oz flask to a large 64 oz sized flask.

The patterns and text could be hand made, hammered or laser printed. Choose a shape and size that suits you best and fits well in your budget. Some flasks come with a small funnel to pour the tipple easily. Always make sure that the final finish of your hip flask is beautiful and elegant. No matter what kind and style you choose, these engraved hip flasks will make for a nice and memorable gift that your loved ones will treasure forever.